Project Partnership undertakes consulting work that presents clear opportunity for our client to benefit from in-depth expertise whilst at the same time ensuring that there are no moral or ethical conflicts in conducting our work.  Project Partnership provides management consultancy services including:

  • Project Management
  • Strategic advisory for performance optimisation
  • Socio-economic and demographic profiling and studies
  • Technical Assistance to International Development Programs
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Social Change
  • Commercial Research

At Project Partnership we pride ourselves in ensuring that projects are undertaken to reflect well on our clients, be cost effective, functional, take account of beneficiary needs and be ‘fit for context’.  We measure project success not only through Client, Beneficiary and Staff satisfaction; but also through the relationship between the service providers, consultants and the Client.  



At Project Partnership, we take a holistic approach to ethical program management through our five-stage process from i) Feasibility Assessment; ii) Project planning, design and Documentation; iii) Project Implementation; iv) Project operation and monitoring; and v) Impact Evaluation. We pride ourselves in managing the integration of these phases for successful project delivery, including:

Certification: Project Partnership provides detailed analysis of Nursing Home and Hostel Certification Reports. We prepare recommendations to Clients on responses to improve certification outcomes and analyse reports for inconsistencies. If required, we have written to parliamentarians and the Minister to seek changes to deficiencies of the certification instrument. Our certification services also include the preparation of documentation for aged care facilities to address Fire Safety issues arising from the new certification requirements.

Hostel and Nursing Home Remodelling: Project Partnership manages the remodelling of older Nursing Homes and Hostels to meet current Accreditation and Certification standards. We also deliver strategies to convert low care areas to a high care areas (in Hostels) to enable facilities to better reflect local community requirements. Our remodelling services also support the conversion facilities, for example converting a vacant Hostel wing into serviced apartments and converting a vacant Nursing Home wing to become a High Care wing in an existing Hostel.


Project Partnership provides strategic planning services for Nursing Homes and Hostels. Key areas of focus include Aged Care Reform, the impact of the Markets, the impact of changes in Resident expectations, the introduction of competition between Nursing Homes and Hostels, and, the development of a sustainable aged care workforce.

Facility Efficiency and Budgeting: We review efficiencies in the delivery of services in facilities to improve cost factors. We also review forecasts and budgets with other professionals to assist clients.

Capital Funding: Project Partnership prepares research papers and analysis of Government’s Capital Funding Models to demonstrate to Clients and Politicians the positive effects and deficiencies of the funding model.

Rationalisation: We examine options to acquire or move “beds” to improve performance of any one home. In some cases, rationalisation requires reorganisation on a site or relocation.


Project Partnership conducts major studies that examining Demographic and Socio Economic factors affecting development specific regions. We apply robust methodologies for social value estimation and prediction using best practice techniques and approaches.

Regional Aged Care Studies: Project Partnership’s Recent regional aged care studies forecast Aged Care demands and models to cope with the demands in the regions, whilst also modelling the Economic impacts of the industry on the region.

Demographic Studies: We have developed several relevant demographic tools to enable facilities to better predict the long-term positioning in specific communities.

Economic Analysis and Review: Project Partnership applies robust analysis and evaluation to identify those social development investments that yield the best possible results relative to the costs incurred. Analysis methodologies include: Feasibility Studies, Cost Benefit Analysis; Performance benchmarking; Value for Money Analysis and Economic Impact Studies.


Project Partnership works with governments, donor agencies, foundations and private companies to make sure that their contribution creates real and sustainable change. Primarily through Monitoring and Evaluation of complex social issues, we enable our clients to measure, assess and articulate their respective development contributions.

Evaluation Studies: Project Partnership’s team have extensive experience in diverse areas of monitoring and evaluation, including strategic evaluations of country, regional, thematic and sector socio-economic development portfolios. We have designed and implemented evaluation studies for complex social development interventions internationally.

Human Development Program Design: We work with our clients and key program stakeholders to jointly define development problems and vision success against these. We apply a participative Theory of Change approach to problem specification, and a stakeholder driven response to contextual specification so that programs can be designed to realistically address social development challenges in situ.

Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks: Monitoring of donor funded human development ensures that results are being delivered as planned and informs decision makers about changes needed to ensure outputs are completed and the stated assumptions are upheld. Project Partnership’s M&E specialists design cost effective M&E solutions that support local government and civil society to use information for strategic planning and policy formation.


Project Partnership provides high quality project management and technical services in commercial research so that our clients can demonstrate the effectiveness of development interventions through the application of the most rigorous and appropriate methods available.

Commercial Research: At project partnership, we aim to improve the effectiveness of social development interventions at home and overseas. We focus on utilising appropriate methodologies and practical tools, adapted to real world contexts, and promote participatory approaches that engage stakeholders in research and evaluation. We employ field tested methodologies subscribing to key principles and standards whilst also developing and applying new and innovative assessment methods.

Project Management of Commercial Research: Project Partnership applies expertise in project management to work with our partners and clients to deliver commercial research on time and in budget. We apply the project planning cycle in an academic environment to convert valuable research to discrete knowledge products that can be implemented.